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Math Learning Resources

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    Feel free to use this thread to post online learning resources for math. This may include PDFs, free online books, web apps, problem sets, calculators, tutorials, guides, lessons etc etc.

    First stop should be our very own PF Insights blog which hosts many mathematics tutorials

    Please don't just post a link, include a description and why it is worthwhile for people to check out.

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    This is a collection of open lectures in mathematics and its applications, covering various topics: algebra, calculus, discrete mathematics, history of mathematics, linear algebra, numerical analysis, probability and statistics. I think they are very helpful for those who want to learn mathematics for science and engineering.
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    I havent checked most of these lectures, but i guess you cant go wrong with some of the best univesities in the world.
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    A book on advanced integration techniques. It explains how to deal with lots of special functions like zeta, Gamma, eliptic integrals, error function and so on.

    https://zaidalyafeai.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/advanced-integration-techniques.pdf [Broken]
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    the file no longer exists. what book is it?
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    Another great resource is


    It covers math from algebra to first year college of calculus 1,2,3 linear algebra and differential equations
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    Welcome to PF!

    What about the suggestions in the thread already?
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    This is very good:


    I followed and passed ''Foundation of data analysis, statistics using R, part1'' online, there are also other math courses on geometry and analysis from the basic to the advanced level. You need to register in order to follow a course ...
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    Another great resourse is KhanAcademy. Salman Khan is a great teacher. The site has lots of videos (over 40000) on different subjects about math and other interesting things. And there are a lot of exercises as well to practice your new knowledge.

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    Interesting. It's 240 pages but aimed at a very wide audience.

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