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Math or Geophysics

  1. Sep 17, 2013 #1
    Hello all, I am a first year physics major and I am hoping for some guidance. I am looking into careers that I would like and majors that interest me because I am still undecided on which to ultimately presue. I really do not want a job that is strictly in doors and nothing very interesting so I have been looking into geophysics, especially glacier physics because then I could do research in the arctic and be outdoors A LOT. But then again, when I do my math classes, everything just clicks. I understand everything very well. Granted I am only in trigonometry, but I am really good at math. I have not taken any of the physics courses yet but I am sure i will be good at those too. But maybe not as good as I am at math. With math I fear I will be inside all day. Do you think there will be enough math and such to satisfy my thirst in geophysics? Or possibly a exciting career in mathematics I should ultimately presue. Thank you very much.
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    Geophysics requires a lot of computer simulations based on mathematical models. If you go to work for an oil company you will also do a lot of field work.

    But then most technical careers today use computers a lot!

    One of my sons was a math major - he decided to become an actuary. He goes boating on his off days, but works mostly indoors. My younger daughter works outdoors a lot: she is a forester. But when she is working inside it seems to be all computer work.
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