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Math vs CS

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    I'm a high school student in the Netherlands and next year I am going to University. I am thinking of majoring in Computer Science although I would like to hear you're opinion on the pro's/con's on studing Computer Science vs studing Applied Mathematics. Both the Math departement as the CS departement of the University I'm going to rank very well in the Netherlands. I probably want to do research on Computer Security or research in a interdisciplinary field (Bioinformatics or Computational Physics/Quantum Computing). On the other hand, I also like Software Engineering.
    What do you think: Majoring in CS with a minor in Physics/Mathematics or majoring in Applied Mathematics?


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    Re: Math_vs_CS

    Look over both curricula and see what appeals to you, but since you're also into software engineering CS may be more your speed. Applied math and comp sci overlap so heavily that you can probably do applied math research out of the CS department (that's what I'm doing.)
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    Re: Math_vs_CS

    At my school, the two degrees overlap so significantly that it is around 7 extra classes to get a Math major if you are already doing CS. In fact a math minor is different by only an elective math course from the CS math requirements.
    I would say sort of make your own way, taking whichever major you feel more strongly towards by looking at the classes, and take whichever classes out of the other that you feel might be useful.
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    Re: Math_vs_CS

    Thanks for your replies. The curriculae indeed overlap heavily at the Uni. I'm going to choose CS because the classes appeal more to me, also if I study CS, I can maybe get a scholarship of 2400 euros per year to cover for tuition and books (studying in the Netherlands only costs 1600 euros for EU citizens).
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    Re: Math_vs_CS

    ::sigh:: I wish tuition in the states was that cheap.
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