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Mathematica: Function output to array

  1. Jun 15, 2010 #1
    Hello everybody! I've got a Mathematica problem that I've been working on for a while but can't seem to solve. My code is pretty involved, so I'll simplify the dilemma for you.

    F1 := Function[{x,m,b},
    y = m*x+b;

    I have a function called F1. If I call it like so...


    I get an output of 5. What I'd like to do, is graph this function. I know how to graph y=mx+b, but I want to graph a bunch of ordered pairs generated by this function. I want to put in x values, get out y values, and plot them. I was trying to use an array to do this, but it hasn't been cooperating with me. How do I use this function, F1, to get something like this -> {{0,1},{1,3},{2,5},{3,7},{4,9},{5,11},{6,13},{7,15},{8,17},{9,19},{10,21}}? Thanks for your help!
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    F1Pair := Function[{x, m, b}, {x, m*x + b}];
    Map[F1Pair[#, 2, 1] &, Range[0, 10]]
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