Mathematica is remember variable values it shouldn't be

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Hi There,

Once I put in values for variable farther down the code from when I first use them (I initially want them just in variable form, I don't want their values defined), every time I evaluate the cell mathematica puts the values in farther up.

Even more disturbing, however, is in other cells that are even above that cell, those variables get defined.

Even more disturbing, when I put the Clear[] function in the appropriate places, mathematica still assigns values to those variables!

Is this a bug? Or am I seriously misunderstanding something?

Thanks for any help or advice!

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Scratch that, I believe I got it working with appropriate Clear[]'s placed for all the variables of interest. It seems that once you put a value for a variable in and it is compiled, mathematica stores that value unless it is cleared?
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That's right. The notebook is not spatially linear. In essence it's just a pretty interface to the kernel.

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