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Homework Help: Maths question that stumped me

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    I have a maths assignment for aquaculture that is due in on monday and this one questions has stumped me:

    if a system which contained 2998cubic litres at full capacity was filled from an ocean intake pipe that was 200m long and 100mm wide and delivered water at a velocity of 3 ms-1, how long would it take to fill the system to capacity?

    can any one help?
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    What do you think?
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    I moved this thread to the homework forums. Majin, what is the shape of the pipe again? It doesn't matter how long it is, you just need to know the shape of the output that dumps water in the tank. Then use the 3m/s flow rate to tell you the volume per second of water flowing. Show your work so far so that we can help if you still need it.
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    The volume of the reservoir is in litres so you need to find how fast it is being filled in litres/second. You know the water is going through the pipe at 3 metres/second so you need to find out how much volume that would be. What volume of water is held in 3 metres of pipe? Volume is "area times length" so what is the cross section area of the pipe? That depends on the shape of the pipe. You said it is "100mm wide". Is that the diameter of a cylindrical pipe?
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