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Homework Help: Maximum Energy transfer in Compton Effect

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    A photon having E = 14.7 keV energy scatters from a free electron inside a metal. What is the maximum energy the electron can gain from the photon?

    Lamda'-lamda= change in lamda = h/mc (1-cos(theta)) ...having problems figuring out theta ... I know E=hc/lamda so lamda = hc/E ...so 1240eV/1.47*10^3 ev = .0843537 ...am i on the right track and if so where do i go from here? thanks
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    Find [tex] E_0 - E_1 [/tex] in terms of [tex]cos \theta[/tex] using compton equation.

    See for what value of [tex] \theta [/tex], [tex] E_0 - E_1 [/tex] is maximum.

    [tex] (E_0 - E_1)_{max} [/tex] is the maximum energy imparted to the electron.
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