What is Compton effect: Definition and 69 Discussions

Compton scattering, discovered by Arthur Holly Compton, is the scattering of a photon after an interaction with a charged particle, usually an electron. If it results in a decrease in energy (increase in wavelength) of the photon (which may be an X-ray or gamma ray photon), it is called the Compton effect. Part of the energy of the photon is transferred to the recoiling electron. Inverse Compton scattering occurs when a charged particle transfers part of its energy to a photon.

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  1. eneacasucci

    I Understanding Scattered Radiation in Photon Beams

    Consider a source emitting a beam of photons. These photons pass through x thickness of material. The attenuation coefficient of the beam \mu is known. We can write this formula If I'm not wrong, this formula tells us the number of photons that passed through the material of thickness x...
  2. P

    Energy of a photon scattered due to the Compton Effect

    I don't really know how to proceed. Can someone help me out in this?
  3. S

    Compton Effect with the electron initially moving

    Hello! I do not understand how to prove the exercise. I have searched all over but I have found no hints on how to get started. Can anybody help me?
  4. C

    Classical Predictions of Scattered Radiation

    I am currently reading the third edition of Modern Physics by Serway/Moses/Moyer and this quote, in reference to the Compton Effect, seems to conflict with various other online sources I have checked. I understand that the classical description does not give accurate predictions of what actually...
  5. Viona

    B Compton Effect -- Why is the electron considered to initially be at rest?

    Hi every one, In Compton effect I understand that the electron is considered free electron because the energy of the incident photon is very much larger than the binding energy of the atomic electron. But iam not sure why the electron is considered to be at rest (v=0). please help. Thanks.
  6. A

    A How, and in what atoms does the Lamb shift occur?

    The Uehling potential due to vacuum polarization by virtual electron-positron pairs is said to be the dominant contribution — 205.0073 meV — to the Lamb shift between the 2P1/22P1/2 and 2S1/22S1/2 states of muonic hydrogen. In the Wikipedia page (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamb_shift), it is...
  7. S

    A The Compton Effect: Scattering Low Energy Photons by Electrons

    An electron which is freely propagating in space cannot absorb any photon. What if we scatter a low energy photon (big wavelength) by a free electron? Will it be the Compton scattering?
  8. S

    I Understanding the Compton Effect: Exploring the Particle Nature of Light

    I have a problem on Compton effect.. Its told that, when a incident photon of frequency 'v' strikes an atom, there is a ejection of an electron and there is photon ejeted out with lesser frequency... But, the above mentioned seems to violate particle nature of the light and photo...
  9. R

    I Compton effect: how can it take place?

    English is not my native language. So, I hope to be understood. :-) The Compton effect is the dynamics in which high-energy incident photons (X or gamma) are scattered by electrons of certain materials, like graphite. The electrons are supposed to be free, as they are only weakly bounded by...
  10. P

    B Does the Compton effect only occur at a specific angle of incidence?

    Why is there a peak in intensity at the initial wavelenght? Does this mean thst there are photons reaching the relevator without being scattered? How? Do they hit the electrons? I put a photo of the graph
  11. D

    Graphing data from the Compton effect

    Homework Statement Not sure whether I should be posting this here or in the quantum physics thread but I felt this more of a 'homework' question. So basically I have done an experiment in which I measure the energy of light that has been scattered through a steel rod from a radioactive...
  12. vetgirl1990

    Compton effect: Scattering angle of electron

    Homework Statement A 0.7MeV (E°) photon scatters off a free electron such that the scattering angle of the photon is twice the scattering angle of the electron (θ=2φ). Determine the scattering angle for the electron. Homework Equations λ' - λ° = h/(mec)(1-cosθ) E = hc/λ ρelectron = mev /...
  13. S

    Solving the Mystery of the Missing Term in the Compton Effect Formula

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding a formula which can be derived from conservation of momentum and energy in the Compton effect. From conservation of momentum and energy during the collision of a photon with an electron, it is possible to get two expressions for the final energy E of...
  14. E

    Deriving the Compton Effect Equation: A System of Equations Approach

    Homework Statement I need to derive the equation related to the Compton Effect from the equations for momentum and energy conservation. Homework Equations (1) Compton Effect: λ' -λ = h/me(1-cosθ) (2) Conservation of Momentum (x-direction): h/λ= (h/λ')cosθ+γumeucosΦ (3) Conservation of Momentum...
  15. A

    Compton effect and photoelectric effect

    Is the Compton effect more supportive of the photon theory of light than the photoelectric effect?
  16. A

    Photoelectric effect and Compton scattering

    Homework Statement A photon with of 13600eV energy interacts with a hydrogen atom at rest and ejects the electron (photoelectrically) in the direction in which the photon was travelling. If 13.6 eV is required to eject the electron, find the speed of the photoelectron and the momentum and...
  17. U

    Compton Scattering Angle - CM FRAME

    Homework Statement Given incoming photon has energy 10Mev and scatters at angle 25 degrees, find the scattering angle in CM frame. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution [/B] In lab frame, let the energy of incoming photon be ##E##. Total 4-vector would be ##P + Q =...
  18. Seydlitz

    Effect of different atom on Compton Shift?

    Hi guys long time no see, I'm having a small difficulty here in understanding the process. Looking at the equation and the derivation of it, it seems clear that the shift in wavelength can only be caused by the target mass. If we are talking about electron being hit by x-ray, then I take it...
  19. U

    Conversations in Compton Effect

    Homework Statement In the Compton Effect, which of the following is conserved? Select all that apply: Total relativistic momentum. Total energy of the photon. Rest mass energy of the electron. Total relativistic energy. Relativistic kinetic energy of the electron. Net charge. Homework...
  20. N

    Compton effect photo scatterred

    Homework Statement A photon of wavelength 29 pm is scattered by a stationary electron. What is the maximum possible energy loss of the photon? (mass of electron = 9.11 × 10-31 kg, h = 6.626 × 10^-34 J · s, c = 3.00 × 10^8 m/s) The Attempt at a Solution After an hour or so, I'm...
  21. Feodalherren

    Quantum mechanics - Compton effect

    Homework Statement A photon with energy 3.98E-19 J hits a stationary electron. The photon is deflected 90 degrees and the electron recoils back and down. At what angle is the electron deflected? Hint: the electron will be going at << .10c Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Skipping...
  22. A

    Compton effect problem - Find angle and energy of scattered electron

    Homework Statement http://puu.sh/7Nw8T.png Homework Equations From what I've read in my textbook I believe I should be using the equations: Photon: p=E/c Electron: E(kinetic) = (Gamma-1)*m*c^2 p= (Gamma)*mass(electron)*velocity(electron) The Attempt at a Solution For the...
  23. C

    Compton effect and kinetic energy

    Homework Statement What is the maximum possible kinetic energy (keV) of a Compton electron and the corresponding minimum energy of a scattered photon resulting from scattering of a) 100 keV photon b) 1 MeV photon Homework Equations Δλ = 0.24(1-cosθ) The Attempt at a...
  24. C

    Derving compton effect formula - SIMPLY

    Hi, I am trying to derive the compton effect formula. I am not very good at physics, however, I am trying to get better! WILL YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN EVERYTHING YOU DO! Thanks- really appreciated! :smile:
  25. A

    The Compton Effect: Find the angles of scattered photon and electron

    Homework Statement In the Compton scattering event seen in the figure, the scattered photon has an energy of 120 keV and the recoiling electron has an energy of 40 keV. Find: a) The wavelength of the incident photon b) The angle θ at which the photon is scattered c) The recoil angle...
  26. O

    Compton Effect Conceptual Problem

    Homework Statement This isn't an assigned problem, but it's the on conceptual question in the chapter that's bugging me, regarding the Compton effect. In the Compton Effect...(other questions)...The incoming photon's wavelength \lambda is assumed to be known. The unknowns after the collision...
  27. S

    What is the Wavelength of Scattered Radiation in a Compton Effect Experiment?

    Homework Statement If x ray with a weavelength of 4.5*10^-12m are used in a Compton effect experiment and are scattered at an anlge of 53.0 degree, the wavelength of the scattered radiation is? ANS: 5.47*10^-12 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution The only thing i...
  28. K

    Compton Effect, angle of deflection

    Homework Statement The scientist changes the frequency of the incident X-ray to 4.50 x 10^19 Hz and measures the deflected X ray frequency of 4.32 x 10^19 Hz. What was the angle of deflection? Fi = 4.50 x 10^19 Hz Ff = 4.32 x 10^19 Hz Homework Equations Δλ = λf - λi Δλ =...
  29. K

    Compton Effect, frequency question

    Homework Statement An X-ray with a frequency of 3.74 x 10^20 Hz is incident on a thin piece of metal. The lower frequency X ray on the other side is observed deflected at 48°. What is the frequency fo the deflected X ray? fi = 3.74 x 10^20 Hz Deflected at 48° Homework Equations I'm...
  30. S

    Light as a particle/ compton effect, conservation of energy and momentum

    Homework Statement 1. A photon with an initial energy of 33eV collides with an electron. If the speed of the electron after the collision is 4.56*10^5m/s the final energy of the photon is? [32.4eV] 2. Photons that compose a monochromatic beam of light each have a momentum of 1.50*10^-28...
  31. G

    Determining Final Velocity of an Electron Absorbing an X-ray?

    Hey, I was just wondering if someone could give me feedback on a problem. For some reason the answer is not in the back of the text. Homework Statement An x-ray with a wavelength of 2.5 x 10-8 m is absorbed by a stationary electron. Determine the final velocity of the electron. Vxray=3.0x10^8...
  32. V

    Compton Effect: Electron Ejection & Potential Energy

    The text on wikipedia says that due to compton scattering, the electron is ejected from the atom, but if so, the difference in energies of the two photons will not appear entirely as its kinetic energy, some of it must be used to overcome its potential energy, i.e. binding energy must be...
  33. D

    Compton Effect: Understand Maths & Photon Production

    I can understand the whole mathematics in this effect. The thing that i could understand is the production of new photon. I mean how it is produced. Is it similar to refraction in solid state physics. Can anyone xplain
  34. T

    Rentgen tube, De-Broile wavelength and Compton effect

    Homework Statement A Roentgen tube produces radiation with minimal wavelength. (λM) De-Broglie Wavelength of electrons reaching Anode is λE. Assuming electrons are not relativistic, what is the proper relation between wavelengths λM, λE and Compton wavelength (λC)Homework Equations λE=h/p...
  35. PrincePhoenix

    Compton effect and Photoelectric effect explained by wave theory?

    I have the fifth edition of 'Physics' by Halliday, Resnick and Krane. In the chapter 'The Nature of Light' it is stated that it is possible to explain both photoelectric effect and Compton effect in classical electromagnetic wave theory and this has been known since 1927. It says that...
  36. W

    Calculating Scattered Photon Energy and Recoil Angle in Compton Effect

    Homework Statement A 650-keV gamma ray Compton-scatters from an electron. Find the energy of the photon scattered at 110°, the kinetic energy of the scattered electron, and the recoil angle of the electron. Homework Equations Compton effect equation: Δλ = λ^{'} - λ = (h/mc) (1-cosθ)...
  37. S

    Kinetic energy with compton effect

    Show that the recoiling electron has kinetic energy: K = Ephoton^2*(1-cos phi)/ mc^2 + Ephoton(1-cos phi) Now I have gotten K = hc/λ - hc/λ' = hc(λ'-λ)/λ'*λ = hc(Δλ)/λ'*λ and since λ' = λ + Δλ K = hc *Δλ/(λ(λ+Δλ)) = hf*Δλ/(λ+Δλ) = (Δλ/λ)/(1+Δλ)*hf and I know that Δλ = h/mc*(1-cos phi)...
  38. B

    Understanding the Compton Effect: Explaining Wavelength Change

    Can somebody please explain the Compton effect to me... I don't get how Compton came up with the wavelength after scattering - the initial wavelength = h/the mass of the electron*the speed of light*(1-cosine of the scattering angle). Thank you!
  39. J

    Difference between Compton effect and Photoelectric effect

    Both Compton effect and photoelectric effect involves collision of photon with a electron. I don't understand why one has scattering but one is simply kicking out electron. The photoelectric effect said light can transfer it's energy only in quantized units of h bar, so why the photon in...
  40. K

    Compton Effect conceptual problem

    Explain why the Compton effect provides critical evidence for the particle model of light. I know the Compton effect proved that light has momentum but not sure how that is evidence for particle model of light. Can someone help?
  41. B

    Compton Effect (scattered photon angle)

    Homework Statement Show that for Compton Effect: tan(ϴ) = (sinφ)/[(Δλ/λ) + (1-cosφ)] Where, ϴ = angle that the scattered photon makes with the incident photon φ = angle that hte scattered electron makes with the incident photon Homework Equations For Photon: initial; E=hv...
  42. J

    Compton Effect vs. Photoelectric effect

    Ok I'm doing some gamma ray spectroscopy and finding that the two main effects occurring are Photoelectric and Compton. I want to fully hash out similarities and differences for these two effects so I know exactly what's going on. As a starting point, I know that in the photoelectric effect the...
  43. C

    Unruh effect = Compton effect ?

    Unruh (by definition) effect shows that an accelerating observer will observe black-body radiation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unruh_effect It is in a gravitational field. Compton scattering by definition. The inelastic scattering of photons in matter results in a decrease in energy...
  44. M

    Compton effect vs photolectric effect

    I understand that according to the photoelectric effect, the photons are apparently 'absorbed' by the electron if it is of the right energy i.e an all or nothing process. But in the Compton effect, the photon scatters off the electron with a change in wavelength? I am trying to get my head over...
  45. C

    Compton effect does the electron radiate?

    In the Compton Effect, we normally treat the interaction as a billiard ball collision. It's not clear to me that this takes everything into account. If the electron ricochets off the photon, then it accelerates. Does it then radiate? If so, it seems to me that there would be additional losses...
  46. K

    Why do we use short wavelength photons in Compton scattering?

    I am reading some material about compton effect. I am wondering in what reason we have to use short wavelength photon in compton scattering, why can't we use long wavelength instead?
  47. T

    Understanding the Compton Effect: Derivation of the Equation

    The Compton effect does make sense conceptually but I'm having trouble with the actual derivation. The equation starts out from the principles of conservation of energy and mass: E_{\gamma}+E_{e}=E_{\gamma'}+E_{e'} which strangely proceeds into the form: \ E-E'}+m=\sqrt{p^2+m^2}} The...
  48. P

    Exploring the Compton Effect: Solving Homework Questions on X-ray Scattering

    I have 3 homework questions that I need help with: Q1 X-rays having an energy of 543 keV undergo Compton scattering from a target. The resulting Compton shift is 3.83x1E-13 m. Find the energy of the recoiling electron. (units: keV) Q2 Find the maximum fractional energy loss for a 0.491...
  49. S

    Compton Effect: Finding Recoil Velocity of Electron at 180 Degrees

    [SOLVED] Compton Effect question A 125 keV photon scatters from a free electron initially at rest. Find the recoil velocity of the electron if the photon scattering angle is 180 degrees. (Use energy and momentum conservation.) Am lost at where to go on this problem, thanks for any help...
  50. C

    Does Compton Effect Formula Follow Original Derivation?

    Is the derivation of the Compton Effect formula shown on wikipedia the way Compton originally did it?