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Maxmia-TeXmacs, Case sensitivity

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    Could someone please help me resolve this case sensitivity issue when running a session of Maxima(5.9.2) on WinTeXmacs(1.0.5). The output is always is in the upper case even though I entered the variables in the lower case. Are there are any patches to fix this problem ?

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    I don't use Maxmia-TeXmacs, so I don't really know how to solve it. But I don't think it'll cause you lots of troubles just by capitalizing the variables...
    I often use Maxmia-wxMaxima. You can check it out here (The latest version is 0.6.4). It's pretty good, though. And by the way, the output it gives is not in upper-case. :wink:
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    re: upper case output in WinTeXMacs - Maxima

    I still have the same dilemma, with Maxima 5.9.3 and the native windows port of WinTexMacs 1.0.5. This particular configuration leads to all output variables being displayed as uppercase, which is both ugly and confusing. For a while, I had switched to Axiom just to take advantage of the nicer output formatting, but I prefer Maxima for ease of use and familiarity.

    Unfortunately, I have not found an obvious work-around, and so I installed Unix TeXMacs under KUbuntu 6.06, which I run under windows with the free VMWare Player, so no rebooting is necessary. While not particularly economical on hard drive space, it is not much worse than installing Cygwin or CygTeXMacs under windows. Curiously enough, the on-line forums have seen some discussion of problems with Maxima under Ubuntu (or KUbuntu), with both xMaxima and wxMaxima failing to connect to the console app. However, the TeXMacs interface does not seem to share this problem, attributed to the underlying lisp compiler.

    If someone has found a more elegant solution that would allow me to use the WinTeXMacs port, I would be grateful. I think TeXMacs is a magnificent interface that puts even the Mathematica front-end to shame, but the typesetting quality of mathematical output and the ability to intersperse text, code, and output in notebook format are the reasons for using the interface in the first place.
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    I don't use WinTexmacs. I runs pretty slowly on my computer, and for some weird reason, it cannot open Maxima session... :confused:
    I use wxMaxima instead. It works pretty well for me. There's only one small irritable fact is that, when the line of the output is long, it doesn't split it into smaller ones (like Mathematica), instead, it gives you a line long, which is very ugly, and hard-to-see. :frown:
    IIRC, you should browse the .BAT file in Maxima\bin folder or something like that. Then connect it to wxMaxima, and it'll be fine. :)
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