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Maxwellian velocity distribution

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    hey, ive just begun on elementary concepts in heat and thermodynamics. nd i was wondering....for the probabilistic maxwellian distribution of velocities in an ideal gas, as absolute temperature of the gas system tends to 0 K, the distribution plot will tend to the delta function, wnt it? can anyone plz explain if this is what will happen, and if yes, whats the actual physical significance of this result? [plz assume i dnt kno anything, and explain everything :) ]
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    As the temp approaches 0K,maxwellian distribution is no longer effective
    You should use quantum statistics like Fermi-Dirac distribution or Bose-Einstein distribution at ultra-low temp
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    thanx...im cluless bt the other 2 tho
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    why does maxwells breakdown or whatever, for low T?
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    As temp goes ultra-low,the quantum nature of the particles (atoms,molecules.ions,etc) becomes more significant,so the classical Maxwell-Boltzman distribution,which neglects all quantum effects, no longer applies.
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    the gas will condense, itl no longer be a gas. so maxwells distribution ought not to apply. ive got it partly.
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