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May 10-12 1999 The Day the Solar Wind Disappeared

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    On May 10-12 1999 it has been stated in a website that the Solar Wind Disappeared.

    It stated that 98% of the total solar wind stopped but the piciures of the the SOHO satellite looked normal.

    Is this true or a crackpot site?

    The polar borialis was said to be strange and a phenonema of polar rain of electrons occured. If this is true what else was effected because the solar wind constantly bombards the atmosophere on the sun's side, good or bad.

    Could anyone corroborate this story.
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    Vanadium 50

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    It was a real event. Whether or not the site is a crackpot site or not is undetermined.

    It's happened at least two other times.
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    Can you elaborate on some of the effects and the dates of some of the other recorded happenings.
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