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Maybe this world is another planet's hell.

  1. Oct 9, 2004 #1
    Could our contemporary society be an example of "hell" in the future?

    Could our current society be looked at as a 'hell' by another alien life?
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    According to Buddhism, earth is one of seven hells.

    When you die, they read the Tibetian Book of the Dead over your body. Basically it just says things like "A ball of green light will approach and you will feel overwhelming envey.... just ignore it, it will go away." If you give in to the temptation, that is the hell you are reincarnated in.
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    hell? hell no! there ain't no hell!

    or heaven for that matter.

    olde drunk
  5. Oct 9, 2004 #4
    theres alot of depressed, tortured, broke, hungry people out there who would agree with you

    theres alot alot of happy people who will disagree with you

    but then again theres that theory that everyone in this world who is happy is just saying they're happy, even lying to themselves and believing it..

    honestly im never happy for a long period of time. To me, happiness comes in quick spurts (literally).
  6. Oct 9, 2004 #5
    Olde drunk: you are referring to a theological type of hell and heaven. Although i would disagree with you on that subject, i am here referring to a 'a hell on Earth' -- a decay of humanity so to speak.


    Wuliheron: perfect example of the piece of truth in every religion. precisely why everyone should recognize a sense of truthfulness in every faith.


    Erazman: i was agreeing with you throughout your reply, until i reached the last line. So you subjectively state there is no eternal, perfect happiness?
  7. Oct 10, 2004 #6
    Take it while you can. :biggrin:
  8. Oct 10, 2004 #7
    ah hell, humanity goes through cycles, like everything else. perhaps you see the downward spiral as being negative. while i agree that we have problems, i also see that it is motivating change.

    personally, i suspect that the unrest of mother earth (bad weather, volcanos, earthquakes, etc) is a physical manifestation of our mass feelings of dissatisfaction.

    putting labels on our world only perpetuates a bias. i do not see it as a heaven or hell. our world just 'is'. we can not detach, but we can understand that our view influences our future actions and reinforce making our prediction a reality. accepting the world the way it is, makes it easier to work toward my idealized future.

    olde drunk
  9. Oct 11, 2004 #8
    Where are the other seven 7? :confused:
  10. Oct 13, 2004 #9
    Here is my strange theory of the week. A couple of years ago it was reported that the first poetry was discovered, and it was by a woman, a Babylonian priestess (I think), something of that sort. She was wailing in this poem about why God would bring this terrible destruction upon them? Why there was this killing fire in the sky that was destroying so grievously her world? Suddenly this popped into my head today, and I wondered, what if we are only vaguely separated from all of time and being, and her complaints, coming to us from 6000 years ago, are actually about things happening in her time due to what we are doing in her area, in this time? What if things are a lot more delicate than we can imagine? What if the hellish actions we take in this time, move through time, and influence or damage time its self. Now the tremendous power of the Sun is a part of what we all share and have shared, it isn't constant, but it is a constant of existence, both its energy and its embrace. Maybe our acts are so extraordinary, and contrary to the process of life, that they do damage across a spectrum, we do not yet understand? Maybe that Buddist thing of doing no harm, and staying unattached has to do with leaving the fabric of time intact?
  11. Oct 13, 2004 #10
    Dayle Record :There is something BIG to your theory.I feel it.
  12. Oct 27, 2004 #11

    Interesting theory
  13. Oct 27, 2004 #12
    I don't think Earth is a hell for other planets and their residents, but I do think that Earth could be a place of punishment for immoral crimes committed in a past life. I mean, there are a lot of theories claiming Earth to be a place of punishment, and it indeed could be.

    -Brad Barron
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    heaven and hell are a perspective. you have to take some responsibility for your state of mind and happiness. of course negative things happen to us all, but it is how we approach and perceive the event that gives us that "state of hell". there are many who would rather blame something outside of ourselves for why we are unhappy instead of taking the "free will" of making ourselves happy. religion is a perfect example of this thinking.
  15. Oct 29, 2004 #14
    you guys know what sucks?...we will NEVER know if god exists or not, or if theres a heaven or hell, or what happens after one dies.
  16. Oct 30, 2004 #15

    That is a rather disturbing image.
  17. Oct 30, 2004 #16
    This week felt like hell. I had to run to California on a job and in the middle of the desert my truck broke. The engine was too hot for me to touch anything so I decided to wait for it to cool down before trying to fix it. It didn't take long to cool down because at that moment it started to rain. Standing there in the dark and in the rain I found out that the guys at Jiffy Lube had disconnected two hoses and incorrectly installed the air filter. I got the truck going again and continued my trip. I turned on to Highway 215 and almost instantly hit bumper to bumper traffic. After 1 1/2 hours and 1 mile's progress I saw a sign saying that the road was flooded and I couldn't go through. I turned around and went back the way I'd come, then turned on to the 15 as an alternate route. Almost instantly I hit bumper to bumper traffic. Construction zones were causing a major back up and the rain was coming down harder than ever. I finally got to my destination at 1:30am, I had planned on getting there around 6pm. My 5 hour trip to Cali was actually a 12 1/2hour tour through Hell.
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    The earth is OUR hell,.... Or Heaven... The choise is yours.
  19. Oct 30, 2004 #18
    Some of the people I have worked with have every reason to be happy and positive, but they are living in a mental hell - a world of the worst affliction and despair and hopelessness and inadequacy and darkness. They are healthy and intelligent and educated and should have every ability to at least cheer themselves up but they cannot and do not. They think ghostly thought and are clueless and misguided to a beastial extent. I can only conclude to myself that they are on the face of the earth to take punishment.

    And Wuliheron, that is a great book you mentioned, believe it or not I actually gave guidance on the basis of that book and had some very supranatural experience.
  20. Oct 30, 2004 #19


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    Why does everyone say we will never know if there is a God or not?

    You are assuming you know something that you don't know. Who is to say that this is a question that we can't answer? What credibility or proof/evidence does this person have to make such a statement?

    Its like saying we will never know what will happen next week. That makes no sense because if you wait a week, you now you know!

    I hate this sort of attitude. I am not saying it is possible to answer whether God exists or not, but I do know I will never say "we will never know if God exists or not". You are stating a fact that we will never know, but you don't even know if we will ever know. It makes no sense to say that.

  21. Oct 30, 2004 #20
    Jason, that's the spirit. I fact I think we must be so close to the answer, so tantalisingly close.
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