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Mechanical Aptitude Question?

  1. Nov 4, 2005 #1
    I'm studying for mechancial aptitude test- need some help ASAP..I would to ask you a couple quick mechanical questions. To any one who knows for a fact what will happen in these scenarios.It should take 2minutes

    thanks for your time,

    You have 4 seperate carts with wheels on a flat surface

    (assuming all carts have the same mass)

    1st cart - has 2 big wheels
    2nd cart -has 2 small wheels
    3rd cart - has a bigwheel at the rear and and a small wheel at the front
    4th cart -has a smallwheel at the rear and and a bigwheel at the front

    1/ Which cart would be EASIESTto push?

    2/ If were on an incline plane (slope or hill) going downwards which one would be the FASTEST?


    University Student
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    Respected sir,
    i am a Bsc Physics student. i have one doubt.why mountain roads are rare go to straight way
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    I found that a Jenny asked same question in this forum 1 month ago.

    Please use search box at the top of site to find this question.

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