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Mechanical Engineering in different countries

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    Hi all
    I'm a mechanical engineering student in Hong Kong, a small city.
    I would like to know how's mechanical engineering going on in different countries. How's the social status of mechanical engineers? How's mechanical engieering as an academic discipline in your country? Anyone want to share?
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    In my area I think there is a bit of an 'out of the ordinary' thing going on. As MEs the perception around here is really no big deal. That is because here, everyone who is anyone calls themselves an engineer and get away with it. If everyone in my area were telling the truth, we'd have more engineers per capita than anywhere on the planet. So as far as a social status, there really isn't any status what so ever.

    That being said, the market for ME's is one of the best in my opinion. There seems to never be a lack of people looking for MEs. I think it's a good, sturdy profession to be in.
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    Its a legal issue in my field (you need to be a licensed engineer to get a construction permit). Socially, well, if people care that much, you probably don't want to hang out with them, but ehh - my roomate is a paralegal and he tells girls he's a lawyer. Similarly, being an engineer implies intelligence and a certain level of income. I guess you could say that since people will lie about it, its a positive thing (socially and professionally) to be one.
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    Social status is mostly determined by your education level:

    From High School to Bachelors to Masters to Doctorate.

    Notice engineers, nurses, and some other professionals branched from Bachelors another subfield - professional licenses. Although you dont need a Bachelors degree in Nursing to get RN license, for engineer to get a PE you need a Bachelors at least as well as 4 years of guided working experience with a professional engineer, and passing the test obviously.

    But as far as social status is concerned, the Doctors (MD, JD, PhD) are the highest ranked, in my book anyway. It takes years of eating Ramen Noodle soup with book crunching to earn the darn thing, and I admire any sucker who went down that road, no matter what the field is :rofl:
    (no honestly, I admire the PhDs :biggrin: )
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