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Medical physicist career advice

  1. Sep 6, 2011 #1
    I am pursuing a career in Medical physics. I have heard that starting 2012, people who earn MS or Phd in medical physics are required to go through 2 year medical residency for board certification. I was wondering how much can we expect to get paid during medical residency? With masters degree in medical physics, is there any other job I could do while I am doing my medical residency? like junior physicist? or any other jobs?
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    It's been the case for a while that in order to write your board exams you need 2 years of clinical experience. Starting next year, you will need to have come through a CAMPEP-accredited program (either graduate program OR a residency). In 2014, you will need both, I believe. In 2016, the Canadian College will require either.

    Resident pay varies. For specific numbers you can get a student membership with the AAPM and look up their salary survey. On average, you're looking at something on par with a very good post-doc position. You shouldn't expect to have time for another job.
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