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News Mel Gibson Accused of Anti-Semetism

  1. Dec 18, 2003 #1
    Mel Gibson Screens Crucifixion Film
    NEW YORK — Those who have seen Mel Gibson's film about the final hours of Jesus Christ have called it beautiful, magical, a great and important work.

    Those who think "The Passion" could fuel anti-Semitism, however, haven't been allowed to see the film. Seven months before its release, this extraordinary vanity project is stirring passions over Gibson's exclusionary screenings and the potential for a negative depiction of Jews.

    Complete text at http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/ontv/080803_ent_gibson.html [Broken]
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    Have you even seen the passion?
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    I think if you did a search you might find an old thread on this (although I'ts probably in the General section as opposed to the political section) then you could just read it already and get everyone's opinio with out taking up more space...okay?!
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    Anti-Semetism is a baddly mis-name idea

    one could be anti-jewish ie againts the religion

    or anti-Zionists ie againts the political actions of the jewish state

    but to use a race or sub-race in place of a religion is just WRONG
    as most semetic people are moslem NOT jewish by about 100 to 1

    and to charge an anti-zionist arab as a anti-semetic is VERY WRONG :surprised
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