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    Once when I was a high school freshmen, I got into physics and philosophy. I became a bookworm for all sorts of literature; Brian Greene's Elegant Universe, Stephen Hawking's Brief History of Time, Roland Omnes' Quantum Philosophy, and even Aristotle's Metaphysics. I started coming on to PF to learn about quantum physics and the standard model. I learned so much. As I matured and went through high school, I became inactive in the PF community; but now, approximately 10 years later, I have graduated with a BS in Physics and an MS in Materials Engienering. I've freshly started a new career in the semiconductor industry working on photolithography systems, and I look forward to once again becoming active on PF and rekindling my lost love for quantum physics and theories of the universe. Cheers!
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    Welcome back!
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    Welcome back! What was your previous username?
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    I engaged with a few users including ZapperZ on some topics in the quantum physics board. Mostly about quantum entanglement
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