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Metallic glass formation

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    Having a spot of bother here trying to understand the glass formation in metallic glasses. Could anyone please explain or point me to a source that explains in details structure and kinetics in glass formation?

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    Basically glasses are amorphous, while ceramics and metals have a regular crystalline (lattice) structure or regular 3D order of atoms that form plane with a 'regular' and repeated geometry.

    The way to make an amorphous material is to cool (chill) it rapidly (rapid solidification) before the atoms can establish a crystalline (ordered) structure. One method is to allow the liquid alloy or melt to cool on a chill block (cylinder) which rotates beneath the melt stream. A ribbon of metglass or amorphous metal can be formed in this way.

    Cooling rates are on the order of 100 K/s to 1000 K/s.

    Here's some more information - Mystery Of Metallic Glass Is Cracked By Johns Hopkins Engineers



    See also - http://metglas.com/tech/index.htm
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