Method of image charges: any extension for oscillating fields?

  1. I was wondering if the "Method of image charges" could be extended even partly or approximately to oscillating charges.

    I am not considering nearly-static problems, but really radiating problems.
    After all, the Poisson equation and the wave equation are rather close !
    Therefore, I thought that maybe in the near-field of an (electrostatic) antenna there could be a way to re-use this good old method.
    I must stress however that I want causality to be (reasonnably) ensured, as I am mainly interrested in phase and group velocities results.

    Have you seem somthing similar?
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    Sure, take a look at image currents. Many antennas, i.e. whip and monopole, use a ground plane and image theory in their operation.
  4. Born2bwire,

    Of course, alternative fields can produce alternating images.
    However, this does not imply that this would lead to a useful image method of calculation.
    For static fields, the method is obvious and simple, when applicable.
    However, for alternating fields, delays have to be taken into account.
    For my application (pedagogical), I need to keep a good account of these causal delays.
    Would you have some reference for your suggestion?

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