Micro robot in my body

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Some one has put a devise in me and you clever people of the world may be my only saviour.
It must have cost a fair bit because it can move around,inflict pain and irritations to say the least.
The point is,if its metal, Mri scan is out. X ray,ive tried no show(it moves) Would trying to take over the transmitting frequency be possible.
Would anyone know where to get info on R & D that's been ongoing in the field of autonomous micro robotics.
This is a real question from a real person and a very very realneed
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You can de-activate the robot by blocking it's reception of the control signal. Devices such as these are almost always controlled from government satelites, radio towers, or extraterrestrial signals. These can eaisly be blocked by wearing tinfoil on the head.
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realneed, I'm afraid that robotic brain implants are beyond the scope of what we deal with here. I suggest you continue to seek medical help.

1. How do micro robots work in the human body?

Micro robots are small machines, typically less than 1 millimeter in size, that are designed to be injected or swallowed into the human body. These robots are controlled remotely and can move through the body, performing various tasks such as delivering medication or removing blockages.

2. Are micro robots safe for use in the human body?

Extensive research and testing is being conducted to ensure the safety and effectiveness of micro robots in the human body. These robots are designed to be biocompatible and non-toxic, and are expected to have minimal impact on the body's natural functions.

3. What are the potential benefits of using micro robots in the human body?

Micro robots have the potential to revolutionize medical treatments by providing more targeted and precise delivery of medication, reducing side effects and improving treatment outcomes. They can also be used for diagnostic purposes, such as detecting and removing cancer cells.

4. How are micro robots controlled inside the body?

Micro robots are typically controlled externally using magnetic fields or ultrasound waves. These technologies allow for precise control and navigation of the robots inside the body, without the need for invasive procedures.

5. What are the current limitations of micro robots in the human body?

As with any emerging technology, there are still limitations and challenges that need to be addressed before micro robots can be widely used in the human body. These include ensuring the robots' safety, designing effective control systems, and developing biodegradable materials for the robots to be made from.

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