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Microbattery materials, Ni(OH)2 properties

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    Hello all,

    I am new on this, I am making a simulation of a microbattery which use Ni(OH)2, Nickel(II) Hydorxide, as the cathode.

    I am having problems to find the information about the diffusion coeficient and the electrical conductivity of Ni(OH)2.

    I try in the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, the Perry's chemical enginnering handbook and others materials books, but I canĀ“t find the information.

    Please somebody could help whith this, some other source, or paper In which I could find this information.

    Thanks and Regards.
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    If one is looking for proton diffusion rate -

    Proton diffusion in nickel hydroxide: Prediction of active material utilization

    Proton Diffusion in Nickel Hydroxide

    Proton Diffusion in Nickel Hydroxide Films

    Electrical properties of nickel hydroxide for alkaline cell systems

    Structure and electrochemical properties of nickel hydroxide electrodes with cobalt additives

    This might be of interest

    Nickel hydroxide/activated carbon composite electrodes for electrochemical capacitors
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