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Microprocessor development board and Embedded System same thing?

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    "Microprocessor development board" and "Embedded System" same thing?

    Hi guys, I'm doing a final project and ran into a bit of a terminology challenge. Basically, the question is this: Is there a difference between "Microprocessor development board" and "Embedded System", or are they synonymous?
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    The "Embedded System" could run on a "development board" or a custom board designed just for that task. A "development board" is just one possible general implementation of the controller and internal hardware interfaces that can control external hardware and systems. The term "Embedded System" usually describes the task(s), software and hardware would be required to construct a complete device function within a larger system.

    So if you needed a mp3 player in a robot you could design and use something like this.

    or use a general "development board" like this.
    with this
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    To say the same thing in different words:

    An embedded system is a self contained hardware/software solution to a particular problem.

    A development board is (or can be) a platform for implementing and developing or even deploying an embedded system.
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