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Microsoft windows command line interface

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    In linux Konsol is very prevalent and its books are ubiquitous. Given that windows is the more popular of the two and being relatively easier a lot of us don't find much use let alone learn how to use windows console commands. I am looking for a website or a book which covers extensively windows console(cmd) and its command.
    Thank you
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    Just look for old DOS tutorials. That's what the Windows command line is, basically, just DOS.

    It DOES have some new stuff that didn't exist in DOS but for the basics, learn DOS first, then move on to the newer Windows-based commands.
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    Microsoft command line reference for Windows XP and later versions of windows:


    Not mentioned is that ping can be used as a delay command, for example to get a 5 second delay in a batch file:

    @rem delay for 5 seconds (set n to count + 1)
    @ping -n 6 >nul
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    There is also something called "windows powershell".
    You could also consider installing cygwin which allows you to use standard unix shells like bash under windows.
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    At the Command Prompt type:


    C:\>help | more
    (displays output one screen at a time)

    C:\>dir /?
    (displays help for a given command)

    C:\>net help

    If you are going to do some extensive work I would recommend Take Command.


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    As DrDu mentioned, take a look into PowerShell. It's the successor to Windows cmd.exe. Just to a search for essential or basic PowerShell commands and that should keep you entertained for a while.

    It's a very powerful administration tool!
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    Windows Powershell is pretty much a full-featured programming language along the lines of Unix shells, and that is what people use for command-line automation on Windows networks.
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