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B Milky Way Thickness

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    What is the thickness of the Milky Way at the sun's location, and how far is the sun toward the top/bottom?
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    According to Wiki, the thickness of the disk is about 2000 ly.
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    From wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milky_Way#Sun.E2.80.99s_location_and_neighborhood
    I don't see a number given for the thickness of the milky way at our position, but I'm sure a google search will turn it up.
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    I saw that on Wikipedia too, but I assumed that the 2,000ly figure is the Milky Way's average thickness, and not the thickness of the galaxy at our specific location.

    Thanks for the information about the sun being 16-98ly from the galactic plane. It doesn't specify above or below, however.

    Unfortunately I couldn't find the thickness information using Google.
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