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Homework Help: Miller indices

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    I'm not exactly sure what to do here after I find the direction, can anyone help me out? Thanks:

    Sketch the [tex]
    \left[ {0\overline 1 1} \right]
    [/tex] direction. Which {110} and {111} plane(s) does it lie in?
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    That is a poorly worded question. I can't remember being asked a question like that with regard to miller indicies. It's pretty obvious to get the direction, but I really don't understand what they are looking for in the second part either. Unless they are eluding to the notion that parallel planes have the same indicies...Maybe a read of this thread may help. Astronuc is the man!

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    The sketching part is simple. Draw a cartesian coordinate system and use the definitions of the indices. I can't understand the second question either.
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    I don't understand it either and my test is on monday! (this is a practice test) There is a 3rd part thats kinda confusing too, he did not do any of this stuff in class:

    What are the indices of the four directions of the form <111> that lie in the [tex]
    \left( {\overline 1 01} \right)
    [/tex] plane of a cibic cell?
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