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Homework Help: Minimum stopping distance problem

  1. Jul 4, 2005 #1
    A load of steel of mass 6000kg rests on the flatbed of a truck. It is held in place by metal brackets that can exert a maximum horizontal force of 8000 N. When the truck is traveling 20 m/s, what is the minimum stopping distance if the load is not to slide forward into the cab?
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    ok here how i did it,.....im gettin an answer of 150m

    first find the acceleration in the negative x direction the brackets can exert which is.

    a= -1.33

    then find the time it takes to stop using v=vo +at

    0= 20 + (-1.33) t t= 15sec

    then find distance using x=xo +vot+.5at^2

    x = 20(15) + .5(-1.33)(15)^2

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    Thanks PN

    Hey PHYSICS NOOB, I really appreciate the help. I worked the problem before coming on the forum and did'nt think that I was doing it correct. Thanks in advance again and for the fast response.
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