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Homework Help: Mirrors/Radius of curvature

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    :confused: Can anyone explain what i am doing wrong?
    I thought the radius of curvature is 2 x the distance from mirror..

    A mirror produces an image magnified by 1.5 when your face is 29 cm from the mirror. What is the radius of curvature?

    I thought it would be .29m x 2 = .58m... but that is wrong.. can anyone help?!?
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    The radius of curvature of a mirror is a statement about the shape of the mirror. Does a mirror change shape when you move to different distances from it?
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    RE mirrors

    no the mirror doesn't change shape when you move distances from it. the image does... *more hints ...im still lost...
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    Claude Bile

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    You need to work out the Radius of Curvature from the magnification.

    Also, Radius of Curvature = 2 x the focal length (f) - so if you can figure out f, then you can figure out the radius of curvature quite easily.

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