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Mismatched nerve impulses?

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    I'm starting to think I'm slightly odd... If I touch certain areas of my lower back, I feel an odd tingle coming from somewhere behind my kneecap. similar effects occur between my upper and lower back, and my head and upper back. The unexplained feeling doesn't occur instead of what I should be feeling, but at the same time. The extra feeling only seems to occur somewhere lower down my body than the area I'm touching for some reason. How can my brain interpret the impulses as coming from two seperate places at once? or is there a crossover between two nurones? (although the latter option conflicts with pretty much everything i know about nerve impulses)
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    No doubt there is some cross talk between the nerves.. but whether is normal i don't know. I do believe that when you first get appendicitis, the pain is not where the appendix is so its not impossible.
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