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Mode of 1,1,2,2

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    what is the mode (modus) of 1,1,2,2
    I was checking the definition but it didn't count with two maximums.
    So is it 1,5 or both 1 and 2, or none of them?
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    This dataset is bimodal, in otherwords it has two modal values. 1 and 2 are both modal values.

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    I thought mode was that event or observation that occurred most frequently.
    In this case since the frequencies are not given (assumed to be 1), all the elements should be modes right ?
    Or are you talking of median (middlemost value in magnitude) ?
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    But the '1' events are identical, as are the '2' events. They each occur with a frequency of two. So this distribution with N=4 is bimodal with '1' and '2' occuring with an equal frequency.

    The mean is 1.5 and the median is the arithmetic mean of 1 and 2, which is also 1.5
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    Somehow the two 1s and 2s merged and formed a sigle 1 and 2 for me.
    Gotta get my eyes checked.
    Thanks for the clarification Curious.
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