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Model Maglev Train starting motor help

  1. Jan 3, 2010 #1
    OKay i am a high school student making a model maglev train like the Inductrack design.

    I haven't started building yet but i know how I am going to make it and since i am using permanent magnets, the cart will not levitate right away. It will have wheels on the sides of the cart on rails to rest on. When the cart starts to move at 1-2km / hr the cart will leviate and wont need the wheels. What i need is ideas and help on making a motor to get that cart moving at 1-2 km / hr. HELP!

    the cart will be a wooden plank with magnets in a row length wise on either side of the bottom of the cart forming an "L" sideways with another row as guidelines on the outside (rows are halbach arrays) the track is simple coils of wire (with two rails for the wheels)

    as the cart starts to move due to the motor at a certain speed an electromagnetic field from the coiled wire will repel that of the cart, thus levitation. the cart will look like this:

    |-................-| <-- magnets

    track like this:

    |_______| in middle probably wood or something
    SO I NEED A MOTOR long story short.
    please help!
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  3. Jan 4, 2010 #2
    really, no one knows? :( just a motor or even something to get it moving.

    i forgot to mention that the coiled wire will be attached to a battery source to create the electromagnetic field. like a circuit. does anyone knoe that if i use a strong enough battery will it repel the cart up straight from the get go?

    if it does i can build it on an angle so i when i use a switch to complete the circuit of the battery and coiled wire, it repels and thus levitates the cart, and gravity will do the propulsion for me! please help with a motor r can someone let me know if i can create a strong enough electromagnetic field form a strong enough battery to repel the cart right away?

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