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Modeling of moist-adiabatic temperature?

  1. Jan 3, 2015 #1

    I need to find some good article or book related to the modeling of this process:

    the parcel of air goes up from the surface to the top of troposphere ( to 12000 m ),
    we know the conditions at the bottom such as temperature, pressure and humidity,
    we assume that
    the parcel is isolated from the surrounding air so it is the moist-adiabatic process,
    part of the condensed water can rain down from the parcel ( need some estimate ),
    it is necessary to model the temperature of this parcel with taking into account the
    latent heat of condensation and freezing.

    It would be nice to find even some good keywords for this.

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    Orographic rain, adiabatic lapse rate, katabatic, should get you started far as keywords. General reading? Grab a meteorological handbook.
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    This sounds suspiciously like a homework problem in sheep's clothing. Is it a homework problem?

    Have you considered developing the equations for this problem yourself?
    Could you do it if the air was bone dry?
    Could you do it if the water was present but did not condense?
    Could you do it if the condensed water were not removed?

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