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Modify computer inverter to accept power from house inverter

  1. Sep 6, 2008 #1
    I have a UPS at home - for the whole house. However, everytime there is a power outage, my computer restarts. It does not restart when the power comes back! I had an old computer UPS that I had that I connected to the computer. Now when the power goes, the computer does not restart - but the computer UPS does not 'recognize' the power coming from the main House UPS. So instead of a 5 hr back up - that the house UPS gives me, I only have the 15 min back up that the computer UPS can give me. I have talked to UPS manufacturers who say they need to fit a 'filter' which will solve the problem - but they were not able to make it. They said something about a pure sine wave output- not sure if I understood. Anyone have a cost effective solution that will make my computer inverter 'recognize' the power coming from my main inverter?
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