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Homework Help: Modulation of Sinusoids in Matlab (Frequency Domain Problems)

  1. Sep 26, 2010 #1
    The Problem
    Hi, I am trying to modulate two sinusoids in Matlab. I have some
    and some
    , where fx and fc are different frequencies. I then modulate them together, using dot multiplication,
    . I then plot each in the time domain using
    and I obtained the correct solution. The problem comes with plotting the Fourier Transform of the resulting signal.

    My Attempt
    I have let some xf , yf, and zf be each of the signals in the magnitude domain. I let
    (getting the one-sided magnitude spectrum of x). N is the length of my time vector. The same is done for y and z.

    I know I have to compute my "x-axis", and not just plot xf/yf/zf, but even when plotting them I know I *should* get two spikes each in x and y, and four spikes in the resulting modulated signal. The problem is my modulated signal only has two spikes.

    I don't want to post an exact homework question here, but rather understand what I am doing wrong in Matlab to get this incorrect answer. If I let fx = 10 and fc = 2, the modulated signal (one-sided) should show spikes at -2, 2, 8,12 (we won't see the -2 in the one-sided).

    Thank you for the help, and please let me know if I need to post more information, or be clearer on the question.
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