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Homework Help: Momentum and Impulse

  1. Mar 31, 2009 #1
    A golfer hits a golf ball of mass 0.045 kg the ball over some short trees. He hits the ball at
    an angle of 600 to the horizontal and it travels a horizontal distance (Range) of 60.0 m in a
    time of 8.00 s. The golf club of mass 0.60 kg is in contact with the ball for a time of 2.40

    (a) What is the average impulsive force on the golf ball?

    ANSWER: ____________ ___

    (b) What is the average impulsive force on the golf club?

    ANSWER: ____________ ___

    (c) What is the change in momentum of the golf club?

    ANSWER: Change in Momentum = ___________ ______

    Answers are suppose to be A1) 281.25 A2) -281.25 A3) -.675 kgm/s
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    Don,t say bump
    Open the book. Find the relevant formula. Show your effort.
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    refresh. Just putting the forums on my subscription. not trying to get people to do it for me
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    Ok i know the formula that i need to use but i don't know how to solve for velocity of the ball.

    What i would use though if i had the velocity of the ball would be.

    Impulse = (p2-p1)/(t2-t1)

    P = mv which is finding momentum.

    I have an idea in which to find the velocity and that would be a free falling problem. But i can't get anything to work.

    If you have any ideas please help.

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    Someone please help
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    If it covers 60 m in 8s, what is the horizontal component of velocity?
    (horizontal v stays constant for projectiles)
    And then, you know the angle which would help you find the y component and you get the initial speed after 2.40 ms contact ...
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