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Moon Problem

  1. Nov 16, 2004 #1
    Ive sure everyones seen these in there life or at least has an idea what im talking about. The problem is your on the moon and only have these 15 items to survive, and you are supposed to organize the list from 1-15 in order of importance. The items are...
    *Box of matches
    *Food concentrate in Nasa container
    *fifty feet nylon rope
    *parachute silk
    *solar-powered portable heating unit
    *One case of dehydrated milk in Nasa container
    *two 100-pounds tanks of O2
    *stellar map (moon's conselations)
    *self-inflating life raft
    *magnetic compass
    *five gallons of water
    *signal flares
    *first aid kit w/ injection needles
    *solar-powered FM reciever-transmitter

    What is the overall consenses of the order of importance for these items. Any additional info is welcomed. Thanks Lycus
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    On the moon? Blimey. I reckon I'd probably have a bounce around for a bit, and then get bored and see what I could drink from the first aid kit. Although, if I really did have the "moon's conselations" then perhaps I'd feel a bit better about the situation :-)
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    A spacesuit might have helped :surprised
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    Um. Survive for how long? Are we to assume a rescue mission can and will be launched if only we can survive long enough? Because there's got to be an upper limit on how long you can survive with any of this stuff. Unless, as NoTime hints at, you can MacGuyver the life raft and the flares into a spaceship and save yourself.
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