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More magnetic force less repulsion

  1. Oct 11, 2014 #1
    In doing a science project using the gauss rifle we changed the number of magnets side by side verses aditonal stages, The result was the ball traveled a shorter distance the more magnets used. I understand why this occurred but need scientific reason and explanation based on what laws of physics we changed to cause the result obtained.
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    It sounds like you are not "synchronizing" your magnets properly. You are using electro-magnets firing in succession aren't you?
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    N o, it was not set up conventionally as my son wanted to change. He was told his changes were not consistent with the set up of a Gause rifle but, wanted to see what would happen. I guess that's science. He set (1) 1/4 inch magnet then increased (1) magnet on each time: (2) up to (5) magnets in contact with one another. 0 1111100. 2 1/4 inch magnets worked best as that is how the Gauss rifle was originally set up. The more magnets added the shorter the distance the repulsed ball traveled. So increased magnetic pull decreased repulsion. Due to distance between trigger and repulsed ball and magnetic force I suppose. What established theory's or science was disrupted to explain result in scientific terms?
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