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More on black holes

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    Why does the point singularity of a black hole turn into a ring if the BH is spinning?

    What would the singularity look like if the BH were spinning on 2 axes? (What if the BH were really a multi-dimensional construct and were spinning on more axes?)

    What is the volume of a ring singularity (can we compute it as a function of mass and angular velocity? Is the mass of the BH distributed along the surface or inside the volume of the ring?

    What are the propreties of space inside the hole of the ring and inside the ring?
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    Can anyone answer at least one of the questions? :bugeye:
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    If you want to investigate the properties of a Kerr BH, I recommend that you learn the Kerr metric, that in Boyer-Lindquist coordinates can be found in this paper
    Zero, as a 1-dimensional singularity that is
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