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Moriya stirling engine fan

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    The design in that link *does* have two cylinders -- one for the power piston and one for the displacer piston.
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    But in the moriya design, there are two different cylinders that are not connected. (power and displacer are separated.

    Here the two "cylinders" are connected in the link.
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    In the Moriya design there is a drilled passage in the base, that connects the two cylinders. You can't see this from the outside. The outer end of the passage (where the drill went in) is closed off with a threaded plug. Depending on how the engine is mounted, the legs may cover up this plug so you would not see it.

    I built one of these as a school project (35 years ago!) following the plans in Live Steam magazine (December 1974 thru February 1975). The engine still runs fine.

    Good luck, it is a fun project.
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    I see! thanks!
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