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Most Painful Way to Die

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    What do you guys think would be the most painful death? I have heard the drowning and getting burned alive to be very painful. I guess pain is based on two variables: intensity and time. So the longer the death, the more painful it would be.

    Any thoughts?

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    The most painful way to die would be to die with absolutely nothing left behind you.
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    I have heard, from people who have recovered from it, that drowning is actually sort of euphoric after the initial panic passes.
    Personally, as you might gather from my post in the 'Forgive and Forget' thread, I'm rather fond of 'peeling'. That is when you slowly remove all of the dermal tissue from the object of your irritation. There are also natural substances (which I am not about to divulge), which set up such intense itching that hardened mercenaries have been know to cut their own limbs off because it's the only way to alleviate it. I have a fondness for sprinkling it in someone's underwear drawer. :devil:
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    One death penalty that shocked me when I heard of it and most certainly sounds very painful is a red hot poker up the bum. It can also take several days to die from it all the while I imagine you'd be in constant agony and probably have very little dignity in tact.
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    Jack Bauer. 24. Probably fake. Oh well.
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    Well, to place a person on the rack was considered an infallible way to make him talk.

    So, being stretched into pieces slowly is probably one of the most excruciating ways to go.
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