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Motherboard just keeps beeping.

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    My newly constructed computer is not booting to anything. The moniter doesn't recieve any signal and the motherboard continues to beep. I have an ASUS A8V-Deluxe motherboard 939pin. Might it be that the CPU is installed improperly.
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    Check the temperature of the CPU in the bios.
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    Did you set all the jumpers correctly? Maybe you have the memory placed incorrectly?
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    Are the jumpers the wires from the case to the motherboard. If so just wondering if it matters what orientation they get placed into the pins, because they fit either way.

    And I can't get into BIOS...i just haven't got a signal from the moniter yet.
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    make sure that the memory slots are filled starting at slot zero. if you do not fill slot zero, the computer will not boot.

    it does not sound like a CPU temp issue since even a boot to windows could be done on an improperly cooled CPU from, a cold system....
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    Check the beep codes first, as suggested. If you are getting beeps, chances are good the mother board and CPU are OK.
    1] Is your power supply sufficient and functioning?
    2] Try a different hard drive. A bad hard drive can wreak havoc.
    3] Remove all cards - except the video card.
    4] Try another video card and see if your boole boots.
    5] Try pulling and replacing memory chips [as also suggested.]
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    Does it just continue to beep? no pattern or anything just beep after beep? if theres no pattern and it doesnt sop, it very well could be a shorted out motherboard. Ive had a motherboard short out, and all it does it beep constantly.

    If the CPU was inserted incorrectly, it would have a pattern of beeps, indicating that it doesnt detect a CPU.

    A bad HD would wreck havoc, but it would still send video signals to the monitor, so that cant be it.
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    One thing that springs to mind that seems to happen a lot to people who are used to the older AMD systems is remembering that the new systems now need two power cables going to the motherboard - the really big one and the little square one. I know it's probably the first thing you checked, but just in case...

    Other than that, like others have suggested, check that the memory sticks are installed in the right slots, as given in your motherboard manual.
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    I fixed the problem guys, thanks a lot. So it turned out that the memory didn't seem to work in one of the slots. The motherboard had 4 slots or 2 pairs of slots. The manual said I can place the memory on the first slot of either pair. So I took it out and placed in the other pair and it worked. Thanks for the help.
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