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Movable Bolted Joint Design

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    I'm looking for some info/guidelines on designing bolted joints that are made to move with some resistance/friction...all without loosening the bolt. Think of a legs of a camera tripod; the legs can rotate in and out with resistance, but they never loosen.

    It seems the basic idea is that the friction/torque securing the bolt (between the male/female threads) must be greater than the friction/torque created by the clamping effect of the bolt (between the bolt head and the moving part). So, some sort of thread locking technique is necessary (nyloc, loctite, etc).

    I would be very interested hear any design guidelines/tips for these types of joints.

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    It sounds like you understand the problem perfectly.

    I translate your post as;

    "I know how mousetraps work. Can someone give me a better idea for a mousetrap."
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