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Movie of stars orbiting a black hole

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    http://www.mpe.mpg.de/ir/GC/images/movie2003.mpg [Broken]

    four stars photographed (timelapse over years) doing
    various type orbits around the million-solar-mass hole at
    the center of Milky

    one doing elliptical, one kind of long skinny parabolic,
    one on what looks like a one-shot hyperbolic flyby but
    of course you cant be sure judging by eye alone

    nice visual

    thanks to Sean Carroll for flagging this

    the high-resolution version (longer download) is at this page:
    http://www.mpe.mpg.de/ir/GC/index.php [Broken]
    and also there is some text discussion,
    the page is by some astronomy Max Planck Institute

    here also is a movie taken of RR Lyrae stars going thru their cycles
    where they change brightness and color over the course of hours
    it is eerie to see stars changing so actively
    http://cfa-www.harvard.edu/%7Ejhartman/M3_movies.html [Broken]
    the moving image takes a few minutes to load but you can read about
    Lyrae stars while it is loading
    this movie was made today's "apod" astronomy picture of the day
    but I found the original J. Hartman page of it, at the other URL, gave
    more interesting details

    again thanks to Sean Carroll for both links
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    Very cool. Thank you.
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    You always come up with great stuff, marcus. Thanks!
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    interesting you should have your own forum LOL :rofl:
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