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MS Excel Referances

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    Is there any way to make a referance to a cell that contains a number for another referance?

    Like this.

    cell A1 contains "J".

    I want cell B6 = J10 by referance of A1.

    I'm trying to make a spreadsheet that makes a list into flash cards BTW...if anyone knows a 3rd party program (for free) that does that.
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    A double reference? so you want to create a reference to another reference? Yes.

    If you mean have two references set to the same cell, then it depends on the language.
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    So essentially you want to go to cell
    (A1's letter)10

    I would make a VBA macro for that because I'm not sure how it would be done with just formulas.
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    You can use "Paste Reference" instead of pasting a value. Check out the Excel Help on Paste Reference. If that doesn't work, post more details about what you want to do and I can do an example for you. (For example, where did the 10 come from in your original post?)
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    err... wait, apparently I was not reading well when I posted... I was did not notice the excel part :-p wow I feel stupid.
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