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MSc after a BTech?

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    I'm doing Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering in a small college in Andhra Pradesh. I actually wanted to do an integrated MSc in physics from IITs after my high school, but couldn't show up in the JEE, so had to study here. But i'm passionate of being an astronomer, so want to do masters in physics and astronomy in any best institution in India. So, what is the best thing that I could do after this graduation program? I'm absolutely not interested in doing any post graduate degree related to my present graduate degree. I just want to leave it like that.
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    please reply
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    Hi. You can definitely sit for the JAM, JEST and TIFR entrance exams later this year/next year. However, I do not know if BTech students are eligible for entrance to these institutes -- perhaps there are workarounds if you're willing to do undergrad courses from an affiliated university. I am not sure I completely understand the inner workings and rules.

    Schools in the US tend to be less biased against engineering students. You could take the GRE, Subject GRE, TOEFL and apply to Physics graduate programs in the US based on your interests. Look for places with Astronomy programs, or departments.

    There is considerable overlap of your background in electrical/electronics and instrumentation engineering and radioastronomy. While you might not be interested in pursuing graduate studies in your undergrad major area, it might help to know that a lot of techniques you might have been exposed to will be of considerable use in experimental (and sometimes even computational/data analysis) aspects of astronomy and observational cosmology, not to mention high energy and nuclear physics experiments. So, the best advice for you would be to try and look upon your engineering curriculum as an education in applied physics, and make the most of it. Then of course you can pursue a grad program in Physics/Astronomy.

    Check out NCRA Pune. They have the Giant Meter Radio Telescope (GMRT). I think they also have a PhD program.

    Bottom line: Take the entrance tests I listed in the first paragraph. Try to get more research exposure, and extend your engineering background into astronomy/physics rather than completely separating yourself from it as an undergrad. Good grades in your engineering curriculum will be helpful.
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    sorry pasting of details from other wesites is restricted!!
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    Physics (Ph)
    M.Sc. Physics (IITB, IITD, IITG, IITK, IITM, IITR) / M.Sc.-Ph.D. Dual Degree in Physics (IITB, IITK): Bachelor’s degree with Physics as a subject for at least two years/four semesters and Mathematics for at least one year/two semesters holders are eligible for this course.

    detials of applying and form can be downloaded from:

    Jam 2010, IIT Madras, Chennai – 600036,
    Ph. 044 2257 8200 / 8208,
    E-mail: jam@iitm.ac.in
    you can visit these websites for information but some of these detials in following sites are very old one..!

    1.http://physics.unipune.ernet.in/admi/ (this website says clearly that b.e,btech students are elgible for physics_msc)
    3.http://physics.iisc.ernet.in [Broken]

    hey gowri (indian astronomer) all the best..!
    i know this information is not sufficient for you and try for more info through web and i will also post if any detailed info is found!!
    all d best!
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    Ya it sure is NOT! I do as well know all these things! Thanks for the try, by the way!
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    hey sorry! The other site seems good. Thanks!
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    its okay gowri...its your wish to skip to any website in this spacious web world!!
    and it will be very helpful if you take help of your professor(student friendly) and also we will be thanful if you post any new details!
    all the best ! once again....!
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    Thank you. I sure will post anything I come to know if it's helpful for anyone.
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