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MSc in Applied Mathematics as compared to

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    I'm a European EE/Engineering physics undergraduate (something of a mix of those two) trying to figure out what to major in. Up until now my main topic of interest has been nanotechnology. Now I'm not sure that's a good idea because of the seemingly small job market where I live. I want to be able to work outside of the academic world.

    I'm now considering alternatives and have been looking at applied mathematics. More specifically; systems engineering, control theory and optimization.

    I have always been driven by the thought of a modern future, nanotechnology is probably my first choice with regards to that. I know I want to work in science and engineering.

    My question to you is - will I be able to get a job in industry with a MSc in applied mathematics, having studied the above mentioned topics, relatively easy?

    I know it depends on me as a person, on my experience, grades, etc, but generally?

    Would I be better of getting a MSc in embedded systems with a track in control engineering?

    What about signal processing?
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