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Multi-verse experiment

  1. Jun 3, 2003 #1
    Ok so I was thinking that if a multiverse was created for every possible outcome of all situations, then it may be easy to detect them. Ok here I go, if I decide to run an experiment to ditect other dimensions, then I make a desicion to either create a device that sends a signal, or one that recieves a signal, then in a multiverse I would create the opposite of what I create here.
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    a novel idea, but fundementally flawed. we would have no way of making such a device that can communicate through universes because if a connection could be made between them, it would influence our universe and therefore become a part of our universe.
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    In your mind, how are the concepts of multiverse and dimension related?
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    I would say that a multiverse is defined by a collections of dimensions seperated upon quantum splitting.
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