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Multiphase Circuit need help.

  1. Nov 3, 2008 #1
    Hi People!
    I need some help to modify the following circuit to run current trougth three parallel wires in sequence, using three mosfets triggered by one feedback coil.My goal is to obtain a syncronized patway in a manner that when the first coil is shut OFF,the reversing field of the coil have to repel aganist the field of the next coil that is still in the ON phase.Then the second coil is shut off and will repel with the third coil.The last coil (third) will repel aganist a fourth coil that is connected to the ends of all the previous coils to close the circuit with the battery. All these steps have to be done ciclically.It can be done in a simple way?Thank you!

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    Kind of like a three phase inverter? Im not quite clear on what your trying to do, what is this for?
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    Yeah,its like a three phase inverter. I want to run a self resonant flyback transformer and with the output turn off the gate of other two mosfet,in sequence. Some one has said to me that running in sequence three mosfet with a fwith flybeack is non easy,but I dont belive in....
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    Hmm, my first instinct would tell me to use a current sense transformer on the gnd. side of the flyback to signal when the field has collapsed, perhaps use this signal to control a mosfet driver for the next transformer in line. Am I on the right track here?
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