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Multiprocessor Workstation Motherboards

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    I am interested in mobos that can handle up to eight processors, either eight single-core or more desirably four dual-core processors. The intent is to build a parallel computer in a single box. Mobos that I can find which handle multiple processors seem to be optimized for server applications, while my goal is a single user workstation capable of handling Grand Challenge-type computations.

    Anyone know of suitable off-the-shelf hardware for building such a computer?

    And the software to run it?
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    Sure, motherboards that can run 8 processors are already out.
    For instance (without specifically endorsing this place) they sell them fully configured at Dell.

    Or if you want to build yourself just google "dual quad core xeon" and you get a list of motherboards.

    And this configuration runs Linux and Windows.

    Not sure what you mean when you say that.

    Clearly you would not want to run some single threaded program on a box with 8 processors. :smile:
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    Opteron would be of more interest than Xeon, but regardless, I have not found motherboards, using Google or other means, that can be populated with one to N processors -- single-, dual- or quad-core. I would not be surprised if two or more Extended ATX mobos would be required, but then I don't see how they could be coupled.

    I can easily build a quad processor system, but how do I build an eight processor system? And regardless of the number of cores or processors, how do I know all are truly being fully utilized?
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    As I wrote before there are motherboards with two processor slots, so you can populate each with a quad core processor.

    An 8 processor option with intel is currently faster than an 8 processor AMD solution. But both companies are playing catch up with each other so in a few months the roles may have switched.

    It depends on the way you write your program. You need at least 8 threads in the above configuration, but that is just the start, you need to think of things like locking and cache misses.
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