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My Extended Project

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    Hey so this is my first post, Im 17 years old and Im currently doing an extended project on the Fourier Series. I wanted to know if you guys have any ideas for what types of waves I could use.

    I want to study Mechanical Engineering at uni and currently my idea is to investigate it with a sound wave, however I realise this focuses more on the Electrical Engineering side. I thought about waves through a material but then you would have to consider other factors such as dampening, which would complicate things alot more for me.
    So if you guys have any suggestions on what type of waves I could anaylse relating to Mechanical Engineering, I'd appreciate it.

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    How about resonances of structures? There's damping involved in that too. But you can pick materials and designs that make it negligible.

    Last time I did something like this I just hooked an accelerometer to a spectrum analyzer and whacked the part with a big bolt I found lying around. But you could do Fourier analysis too!
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    Yeah thanks, Ill look into it. Unfortunately for me hitting stuff with a bolt is out of the question as im focusing more on the theoretical side of things, but thanks for the suggestion!
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