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My Friend's Story

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    He and his employer were driving in a sedan on a rural road in Vietnam. (This was a few years ago-they were there on business). Suddenly a guy on a motorcycle came tearing around the bend in front of them headed straight for them. The employer, who was driving the sedan, swerved to avoid hitting the motorcyclist but ran the car into a tree instead. Neither of the two in the car was wearing a seatbelt.

    My friend said he saw his employer thrown forward, but as if in slow motion, to smash his head on the windshield, then fall back into his seat. Greatly alarmed, he blurted out "Are you OK?"

    His employer looked at him and said "What do you mean am I OK? Are YOU OK?

    My friend said "Yeah, I'm fine, but you just smashed into the windshield."

    "No" said the employer "YOU just smashed into the windshield!"

    My friend looked at the windshield and saw there were two spiderweb fractures in it, one in front of each of them. Then he felt blood trickling down his face.

    Each one of them had, apparently, watched the other smash into the windshield without being sensible that he, himself, had also done so.
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    Very interesting that neither were aware of their own impact.
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    The surprise and fact he must have jostled his brain pretty well makes his whole memory of the after-the-fact conversation suspect. It could be it never took place but was his way of slowly putting together the fact he'd just smashed into the windshield. The employer may have a completely different account of what happened right after the crash, and have no recollection of this conversation.
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